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Most of the video projects I’ve been involved with in the past three years are not the one-off corporate video or update.  They are more of a concerted effort by corporate clients to create a library of videos.  For one recent project, we did 32 videos that are all posted up on their website to create a virtual showroom of the complete product offering, plus a library of how-to’s for troubleshooting and self repairs. Visit  We are kind of circling back around where companies are developing in-house capabilities or hiring people to write and shoot continued fresh programming that will keep the audience coming back month after month.

Two local companies doing a good job of it are TQL Trucking, creating a drivers network to go along with their communications arm, and BlueStar Bar Code and Scanner reseller who punches out content several programs/sales modules per month.

The other opportunity, if you’ve got intellectual property to market to your sales target, youtube has launched paid subscription service and already has their first 50 subscription providers.(mostly entertainment at this time, but this will change).   The following is a lift from ReelSEO’s  release on the first to launch paid subscription service via YouTube.  Even right now, I know of several customers who could do well with hydraulic and pneumatics training, another client who specializes in power equipment repair, and other firms who specialize in SEO and other digital marketing strategies.

There was speculation that YouTube’s paid subscription channels would happen later this week, and now they’re here.  The channels are 99 cents, will have two-week trial periods, and some will have special deals if you pre-pay for a year.  The channels look pretty basic: there seems to be a channel for all the genres: comedy, cooking, sports, movies, kids, the usual.  It looks like 53 channels are on the board to choose from.  Now…how will these channels get noticed?  It looks like you can at least visit their page and see the “subscribe” trailers, and some content is free.  But anyway, paid channels are here.

YouTube’s Paid Subscription Channels Have Arrived

Here’s a screen-cap look at some of the new paid channels:

The YouTube Paid Channels Are Now Live, As Promised

What do you think? Is this a strong start for YouTube’s paid subscriptions, or do you feel like there’s so much free content on YouTube you won’t ever have to subscribe to these particular ones?

Looks like they’ll start at 99 cents, and “average” around $2.99 a month.  Also, creators will be taking 45 percent of the subscription fees.  The new subscription service tools will soon be open to everyone, and also creators can decide whether they want ads on the videos or not.

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