#9, Great Ways To Use Video - Screenflow

Setco's On-Line Modeling Tools

Screenflow videos for online instruction

Number #9 on the list of great ways to use video is the use of screenflow presentations for training or other on-screen demonstrations.  Recently we helped one of my customers, Setco Spindle and Slide, do a complete family of videos of their products and services for deployment on the latest redesign of their company website.  Included, was a short 3-minute tutorial on how to navigate and use the on-line modeling tool.  Whether one of their customer needs to specify sizes and options for 2D or 3D drawings, the Setco on-line suite will allow them broad, versatile modifications that can be purposed for custom manufacturing.

Setco Camtasia Demo
















We developed the presentation using Techsmith Camtasia which allows capture and editing making the process very manageable.  In this case there were  a couple steps to develop the elements for the final presentation which were eventually exported for use in an AVID video environment, where other elements of the project were made available for the final piece.  Below, you can preview the final presentation.  Other tools available for screen presentations include a free version from Camtasia – Jing, or Adobe’s Captivate which is a robust platform for developing eLearning application.

Setco’s On-Line Modeler simulator has been an exceptionally helpful way to build traffic and the on-line screenflow presentations help to ensure a quick learning curve.

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