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DVP is owned and managed by company President Jim Sutter.  DVP continues to have an association with many in the Cincinnati/Dayton production community utilizing programmers, animators, 3D designers and production freelancers on a per need basis.

Jim Sutter


Jim Sutter, President of DVP Multimedia, Jim has over 25 years in video production and nearly 10 years in web site project management. Jim is a seasoned clients services manager with lots of production experience. He has worked on over 400 projects with several local production companies and web design firms.

Bob Leibold

CTO ⁄ Director of Photography

Bob Liebold, Cameraman, Lighting Director, Assistant Director, Bob has over 30 years in video production dating back to his tenure with Time Warner. He has worked on over 1000 productions and continues to work as a lighting director for many live events performed in the midwest. He is an award winning videographer with several Emmy’s. He is a member of the Cincinnati Cable show producer’s “Hall of Fame.”


Shawn Cunningham – Freelance

Graphic Designer

Shawn Cunningham, Senior Designer, Freelance, Shawn is a senior design specialist who can do lots of magical things with a mouse and Adobe Design Tools. He has over 15 years of experience working with several different multimedia firms, and agencies. He has worked on nearly 500 projects and brings the necessary passion to develop unique and creative ways to provide pleasing websites users and presentation audiences.

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