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This is the DVP Video Bucket filled with several good videos that you should check out about changing times on the web. – DVP Multimedia, Web & Video (Serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Web Design and Video Production)

“DVP Multimedia, Web & Video – Providing Smart Solutions for Learning and Marketing on the Web.”


Inside the Mind of Google. This is an informative piece on the success of Adwords and one companies monumental success using sponsored link programs with the sale of old world high quality consumer products.


I started to work on my own version of a Google Analytics quick demo, but this one is really pretty thorough and should help you understand a well rounded basics of Navigating this popular application that I use on all my sites.

Here’s a history of the growth and power of Facebook. It was recently reported by Peter Drake
of Drake Direct that Facebook pages are now 1 out of every four pageviews on the web, compared to Google pages which are 1 out of every 12. Facebook is for business marketing.  (back to Facebook facts – excerpts Drake Direct)


This video was shown at a recent Web 2.0 Seminar I took.  This does a great job of helping us to visualize how quickly things are changing and how you have to re-engineer your thinking and approach to being more successful with the Next Generation of your web strategy.


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